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This link provides a list of services Michael is qualified to offer.  You will see from his Resume, Projects List and Skill Sets that he has considerable experience for all the services offered.  However, please do not consider this list to be all inclusive.  With 30 years of experience in the AEC industry, and work on a broad range of project types, Michael can likely help with any specific needs you may have;  just give him a call.

This link also shows the experts Michael can team with to meet your needs for cost estimating.


This heading includes four links.  First is a standard Resume.  Second is Michael’s Complete Work History showing his first employment in the architectural profession back in 1972 and his subsequent work for a broad range of small firms, large regional firms and nationally ranked firms.  Third, is a Projects List, showing a wide range of different project types with extensive experience in educational architecture.  And last is a list of Skill Sets that is an interactive tool showing many of Michael’s innovative management and quality control tools.


Most people like to know something about the people they work with – not just their skills, but their character, passions and accomplishments. That is the purpose of this self-biography. There is a SHORT bio for marketing purposes, but the FULL bio gives the best picture of who you will be working with.