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Michael Leighton Architect


A SB/DVBE firm emphasizing risk mitigation through quality control for the AEC community.

  • Document quality control review at all phases.
  • Facility assessments.
  • Cost estimating.

Sierra West Group

Chief Operations Officer

Mostly responsible for the Publications Division and implementing business planning tools.

  • Reorganized estimating manuals per new CSI format.
  • Revised estimating manual format.
  • Developed Business Plan.


Silver Eagle Group, LLC

Sales and Distribution Manager

Sister company to MVM (see below).  After our contract ended at MVM I was moved to SEG in order to start a new division for wholesale sales of shooting sports products to local gun shops, shooting ranges, law enforcement and other agencies.  SEG is the training arm of the company and has three indoor shooting ranges and other training facilities.

  • Manage five sales reps
  • Sales in 30 states
  • OSHA Compliance Officer for ranges
  • Developed compliance checklist
  • Managed remodel of retail space
  • Managed a $1.25 project to upgrade the range ventilation
  • Managed all consultants and contractor


MVM, Inc.

Program Manager

Responsible for all aspects of a program that provides armed security officers in high risk areas of the world under government contract.  Managed all aspects of recruitment, training and deployment.

  • New series of contract documents
  • Recruiting forecasting tool
  • Budget templates for all training
  • New pay and expense policies
  • New deployment schedule
  • Managed training staff
  • Deliverables tracking
  • Nine figure budget


Self Employed

Quality Control Consultant

Provided a variety of services to the architectural and engineering community.

  • Led a team of engineers for the quality review of plans for a $34m New Student Center at a community college.
  • Quality review of plans for the new $265m Stanislaus County Courthouse
  • Business process improvements for a cost consulting firm


Stafford King Wiese Architects

K12 Studio Manager

Responsible for overall studio operations with up to six project managers and over 80 projects.  Quickly developed the organizational structure and systems to gain better control of our agreements, budgets, billings and document quality. Led office reorganizational efforts to empower project managers to more effectively and successfully manage their individual projects. Participated in senior management meetings and strategic workshops.  Was driving force for the reorganization of many of the firm’s standards. Conducted employee reviews. Managed client billings of approximately $330k per month.

  • New series of contract documents
  • New Work Breakdown Structure
  • Corporate knowledge database
  • Revised Fee/Budget template
  • Construction document standards
  • Deltek software development
  • Process Improvement Tools
  • Project Management Plan


NTD Architecture

Higher Education Studio Director, Senior Associate

Assumed leadership of a studio with over 30 projects.  Quickly analyzed all projects, identified problem areas and developed the tools necessary for the five project managers to gain control of their projects.  Participated in local and firm wide management and strategic planning sessions. Developed many organizational and financial management tools used throughout all six offices in two states. Was a very active member of the Technical Service Group that set standards for the firm.  Taught numerous project management classes. Was instrumental in many of the marketing successes, brought in new consultants to the office and was responsible for recruiting five employees. Maintained a profitable studio for over five years. Participated in numerous community college Master Planning and Facility Assessment projects. Conducted employee reviews. Responsible for client billings of approximately $360k per month.

  • Revised Master Architect Agreement
  • Revised consultant scope of work documents
  • Developed integrated project management plan
  • Initiated quality control database
  • Revised Fee/Budget template
  • Led employee training
  • Reviewed all software upgrades
  • Developed monthly project status reports


LPA, Inc.

Project Manager

Managed the most successful project in the office – the Woodland Police Facility; a design-build project with McCarthy Building Companies.  Along with the Cotati Police Facility, these were the first two LEEDS certified police facilities in the country. Managed mostly civic projects.

  • Active in management meetings
  • Developed staff training syllabus
  • Collaborated on administrative standards
  • Assisted with implementation of Deltek software
  • Active in setting CAD standards
  • Implemented quality control tools


Lardner Lardner Architects

Senior Manager

Shared the management of the firm when the owner died shortly after I was hired.  This opportunity gave me great insight into all aspects of running an architectural office.  Worked for the local school district for 10 years until I left, and they followed me to LPA.  Likewise, I took over a new client, Plumas Bank, who continued as a client for 16 years through three firms!  Was lead designer, client contact and did most of the marketing.

  • Wrote a quality control database
  • Reorganized administrative processes
  • Managed other architects
  • Set all the document standards
  • Supervised transition into CAD
  • Presentations to school boards


Herbert T. Krumpe, Architect

Project Manager

To solicit my return, Herb offered a lucrative bonus system for putting multi-family projects together.  I negotiated the purchase of properties, secured all permits and established eligibility with funding agencies – along with normal architectural and design duties.

  • Zoning changes
  • Real estate negotiations
  • Market research
  • Funding applications


Contact Lumber, Inc.

Senior Manager

Working again for my business mentor, I became the second in command for a department with $14 million in annual sales.  This was split between lumber sales to the Israeli military, sales of lumber for glued laminated beams and sales of other laminated products.

  • Client management
  • Market development
  • Account management
  • Strategic planning


Spring Canyon, Rocky Mountain Association for Christian Training

Assistant Manager

A former commanding officer lured me away from architecture and college to assist with a conference center for the Officer’s Christian Fellowship.  Our marketing efforts made the camp profitable within a year. Developed the Rocky Mountain High program into one of the finest leadership training courses in the world.  Reorganized many of the processes of the camp and managed the Boy’s Staff during the summer. Taught at the leadership course and handled all the logistics.

  • Reorganized the registration system
  • Yearly budgeting
  • Managed construction projects
  • Managed daily operations


Herbert T. Krumpe, Architect

Project Manager

Firm specialized in multi-family and congregate care facilities including HUD, Farmers Home and market-rate projects.  Progressed from Job Captain to Project Manager and did most of the site design and construction administration.


United States Marine Corps

Mortar man/Infantry Platoon Sergeant/Reconnaissance Man; Parachute and Scuba

Recognizing the duty to serve, I enlisted in the Marines and excelled because of my leadership skills. Held numerous records, received many commendations and was one of the most highly trained Marines in the Corps.  Was third Marine in history to attend Special Forces training and first to attend Special Operations Training.

  • Arctic Warfare Instructor
  • Water Safety and Survival Instructor
  • Reconnaissance Instructor
  • Army Airborne School
  • Special Forces Qualification Course (Weapons and Demolitions)
  • Special Operations School (counter-terrorism)
  • Army Ranger School
  • Recruiter School
  • Special Forces Underwater Operations (scuba)


North Valley Lumber Sales, Inc.

Architectural Representative

A friend and business mentor brought me on to start a specialty products department within a wholesale lumber sales firm.  Using architectural experience, did material take-offs, estimating, bidding, sales and marketing of timber products. Distributed for numerous mills in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Reviewed thousands of architectural documents
  • Developed new products
  • Expanded market territory
  • Developed relationships with mills


Woodward – Nichols and Associates A.I.A 

Job Captain

Following my passion since the 7th grade to become an architect I was hired as a draftsman before graduating high school and rapidly progressed to job captain.

  • Managed first floor of a large hospital addition
  • Worked with Office of the State Architect
  • Worked on broad range of project types
  • Managed a new elementary school